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“Transmission” by cyborganize

warning: contains comic book images of gendered sexual violence

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Audio Source

Ibeyi (Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi Díaz), “Transmission/Michaelion” from Ash
Featuring: Me'Shell Ndegéocello on bass, the IDMC Gospel Choir, and Maya Dagnino (their mom)

‘Transmission’ is the heart of the album… We believe in transmission. We believe in saying to people this is how I felt, this is me… Not only saying how you feel, but looking at how people are feeling around you and trying to understand them; finding what links us more than what divides us. Then, learning from our past and learning from other people’s past and learning from history, which is really hard.“ - Lisa-Kaindé Díaz

I abridged and edited this 6.5 minute track; the original includes spoken word elements from Frida Kahlo and Claudia Rankine that didn’t feel appropriate to the vid. The Kahlo quotation that appears in the end credits is a nod to the importance of this line in the song: “Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?”

Image and Video Sources

Video and audio edited in Adobe Premiere Pro; end titles made in After Effects (I used a free template). Working with disparate visual source always poses technical challenges; I adopted a standard 16:9 1080p aspect ratio, and while this did involve some scaling up of video (particularly the 1975-77 TV series), I was able to find most of the raw material in adequate resolution. The high quality digital comics seemed to look OK with some amount of zoom (usually up to 200%). I did run into an issue with the films, though, since 1080p in cinema aspect ratio (2.4:1) is actually 1920x800. And then all the 2160p files used an h.265 (HEVC) codec which wasn’t functioning well in Premiere (even the 2018 release which theoretically handles this format), so I ended up having to reencode Wonder Woman using h.264 compression. (To make things even more confusing, 2160p aka 4k cinema footage has dimensions 3840x1600; for editing purposes I scaled down to 2592x1080.) In most other cases where Premiere didn’t like a video file, I was able to change only the container format using VLC’s Streaming/Exporting Wizard commands.

live action films

Wonder Woman (dir. Patty Jenkins, 2017) - IMDB full cast

Wonder Woman (2017) DVD extras

  • “Themyscira: The Hidden Island” [THI]

  • “The Warriors of Wonder Woman” [WWW]

  • “The Wonder Behind the Camera” [WBC]

  • “The Beach Battle”

  • “Crafting the Wonder”

Justice League (dir. Zach Snyder, 2017)

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women (dir. Angela Robinson, 2017)

animated films

Wonder Woman (2009) - wikipedia
This story prefigures many signature aspects of the 2017 movie, and it features some of the most spectacularly epic Amazon moments. Unfortunately, its greatness is marred by an insufferable Steve Trevor. Gail Simone is credited as a writer, but I wouldn’t attribute the sexist touches to her. (Cast includes: Keri Russell as Diana, Virginia Madsen as Hippolyta, Rosario Dawson as Artemis, and Nathan Fillion as Steve Trevor)

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse (2010) - wikipedia
Kara Zor-El (Supergirl) is really the central character in this surprisingly coherent and entertaining narrative. As in some of the comics, Diana takes her to Themyscira to train, and they are attacked by the evil forces of Darkseid. (Cast includes: Summer Glau as Supergirl, Susan Eisenberg as Diana, Tim Daly as Superman, and Andre Braugher as Darkseid)

DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year (2016) - tumblr
This movie isn’t very substantive, but it’s pretty cute when Diana takes her pals Supergirl, Batgirl, and Bumblebee home to meet her mom.


Wonder Woman (1975-1977) - wikipedia

  • “The New Original Wonder Woman” [TNOWW] - This 90 min. “pilot” aired as a TV movie in 1975. It includes the WWII origin story of Wonder Woman, drawing from early comics. Cloris Leachman as Hippolyta.

  • “The Feminum Mystique” (season 1, episodes 4-5) - The Nazis invade Themyscira because they want the material to make weapons as powerful as Wonder Woman’s bracelets. Carolyn Jones as Hippolyta, and introducing Debra Winger as Drusilla (Wonder Girl).

  • “The Return of Wonder Woman” (season 2, episode 1) - Another 90 min. movie that reboots the show from the 1940s to the present day (1977) and retells some of the origin elements. Diana returns to Man’s World to help Steve Trevor Jr. (played by the same actor, Lyle Waggoner). Beatrice Straight as Hippolyta.

Justice League season 1 (2001-2002) - wikipedia

  • “Secret Origin” (episodes 1-2) - Against her mother’s wishes, Diana leaves Themyscira to join the Justice League.

  • “Paradise Lost” (episodes 10-11) - Faust turns the Amazons to stone, and the Justice League (along with Hippolyta) must battle the forces of Hades to save the island.

  • “Fury” (episodes 16-17) - Aresia, who was taken in by the Amazons as a child, decides to kill all men. Hawkgirl spends quality time on Themyscira. tumblr

Justice League Unlimited (2005), “The Balance” (season 2, episode 5) - tumblr

Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2011), “Triumvirate of Terror!” (season 3, episode 8) - tumblr

Superman (1988), “Superman and Wonder Woman vs. The Sorceress of Time” (season 1, episode 8) - tumblr

Honorable mention (doesn’t appear in the vid):

Justice League Action (2017), “Luthor in Paradise” (season 1, episode 16) - tumblr

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A diptych from Janelle Monáe's Electric Lady album.

I haven't created a vid since 2012. It will probably be another 5 years before I can make the time again. But it was totally worth the sleep deprivation!

There was a lot of serendipity involved in this project. "Robot Love Is Queer" was the inspiration for and introduction to my WisCon playlist. I've always wanted to vid one of the talk radio interludes on Electric Lady. When I developed the concept, did I know that George Clinton put out a Metropolis-themed music video in 1996? I did not! I found it randomly after downloading a bunch of George Clinton material for DJ Crash Crash. Hat tip to [personal profile] futuransky for suggesting Westworld's Charlotte Hale to play Peggy Lakeshore. (Gaius Baltar was all me – he's the ultimate Josh.)

Tickled by the challenge playlist for guest of honor Kelly Sue DeConnick, I figured I could also manage a one-shot vid for the Emerald City episode that she wrote. It seemed appropriate to choose another song from the same album, and "Look Into My Eyes" was the shortest! It was perfect for the theme of media authorship as adaptation and transformation. I wanted to incorporate some comics since that's DeConnick's primary oeuvre. Did I know that Marvel did an Avengers reimagining of The Wizard of Oz? I did not! I found that by looking on Wikipedia.

Extra special thanks to [personal profile] metatxt for making it possible for me personally to bring these pieces to fruition – and for bringing Vid Party into the world for all of us!

"Our Favorite Fugitive (Interlude)," Janelle Monáe

Metropolis (dir. Fritz Lang, 1927)
Westworld (2016- )
Battlestar Galactica (2003-2009)
Janelle Monáe, Many Moons (dir. Alan Ferguson and The Wondaland Arts Society, 2008)
George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars, If Anybody Gets Funked Up (It's Gonna Be You) (dir. David Nelson, 1996)

Warnings: fast cutting; short clip of choking/assault

DOWNLOAD / subtitles

"Look Into My Eyes," Janelle Monáe

Emerald City (NBC, 2017), episode 6 "Beautiful Wickedness," teleplay by Kelly Sue DeConnick
The Wizard of Oz (dir. Victor Fleming, 1939)
Avengers Fairy Tales, No. 4 (Marvel, 2008)

Warnings: bright flashes and fast cutting; short clip of gun violence

DOWNLOAD / subtitles
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For *research* purposes I'm trying to map out what happened with Swan Queen fandom. I'll post this to Tumblr when it's done, but who wants to TYPE there...

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Sarah vs. Facebook

"Sarah vs. Facebook" graphic by [personal profile] chaila - coloring by me



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