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It has come to my attention that some femslash fans feel ignored and erased by fan studies. This will not stand! It's a neglected topic of research, to be sure, but not nonexistent. Please help me collect what there is? This bibliography focuses on scholarly accounts of fan communities+creativity around subtextual lesbian pairings (or secondarily, organized online fan phenomena around canonical lesbian pairings), and not on representations of queer women or the reception of same – although the fact that there's no bright line here is one of the defining characteristics of femslash fandom.

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For *research* purposes I'm trying to map out what happened with Swan Queen fandom. I'll post this to Tumblr when it's done, but who wants to TYPE there...

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Sarah vs. Facebook

"Sarah vs. Facebook" graphic by [personal profile] chaila - coloring by me




leftovers by [personal profile] sforzinda
pattern by sunmeadow